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Edisford Bridge to Brungerley Bridge Walk

Clitheroe’s first cotton-spinning factory was built at Low Moor in 1782 and it grew to have over 1,000 looms. The village was extensively developed in the 1820s to provide housing for the mill workers. Some of these houses remain but the mill itself was demolished in the 1960s and the Riverside housing complex now occupies the site.

The weir across the river below Waddow Hall is where the water was diverted into the mill race that powered this mill at Low Moor. Waddow Hall, once the home of the mill-owning Garnett family, is now a training and activity centre run by GirlGuiding UK. At Brungerley Bridge, local farmer Eli Tucker in 1876 set up what evolved into a very popular ‘pleasure rounds’ on the riverbank.

Follow the way points for this medium difficulty walk along roads, tracks and through fields, work up an appetite then head into the warmth of the Waddington Arms for a well earned bite to eat!

Map download here.


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