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A weekend walk: Explore Waddington’s natural beauty

Curtesy of This is Lancashire

WADDINGTON and West Bradford villages developed in wooded valleys formed by brooks that run off the Waddington Fells north of the River Ribble.

This walk links the two linear settlements via field paths and passes by Eaves Hall, now a wedding venue, built by the Burton family who made their money in Lancashire cotton. The Victorian house was rebuilt between the wars and from 1941 to 1961 it was the northern office of the Brooke Bond tea company.

This walk has much of historic interest including the old parish church in Waddington. The fields and woodlands passed through on this walk are a good place to spot hares and deer running across the hedged pastures. Sections of this walk can be boggy after wet weather!

1. From the Waddington Arms walk up the street keeping to the right of the brook running through the centre of the village. At the road junction turn right along West Bradford Road crossing over to join the pavement which passes almshouses on the left. On the far side of the almshouses join the first signed footpath on the left which begins at a metal gate and stone stile in the wall.

2. The path runs directly uphill through a paddock then continue straight ahead along a farm track through a large field. Do not follow the track around to the farm but just continue directly uphill through the field, crossing a stile by a gate and aiming for the edge of a woodland on the left.

The path skirts the edge of the trees and gives a good view down to the steep-sided valley of Waddington Brook. At the top of the fields a step stile in the wall is crossed then turn right to join a farm track leading past an assortment of buildings at Feazer Farm.

3. Keep going straight ahead passing the farm on the right. Then straight ahead between a caravan and a chalet to reach a white gate. The path is not waymarked here but go through the white gate and a second metal field gate to follow the field edge with the hedge on the left.

Cross another stile in the left field corner and across a brook to reach the houses at Dove Syke. Immediately after passing the main house on the right look out for a waymarked footpath that begins on the right adjacent to the house. Turn right and join this to cross a stile and enter a large field.

4. The path goes straight ahead to cross a stile at the next field boundary. Continue straight ahead but then look about halfway along the left field edge to turn sharp left across a footbridge over a drain. Aim for the top left corner of the next field and stiles lead you around an overgrown area crossing another drain then straight ahead to a stile onto Eaves Lane.

Turn right and walk down the lane passing the Three Rivers caravan park on the left and Eaves Hall hotel on the right. Immediately after passing the hotel lower driveway entrance and lodge join the signed footpath on the right which leads up steps to a stile.

5. Follow the right field edge to a gate and then bear slightly right along a boundary to reach an open gateway on the right at a path junction. Go through the gateway and aim diagonally uphill towards the prominent farmhouse (Eaves House) at the top of the field. At the farm go through gates across the private garden in front of the farm and turn left at the farm keeping the old wall on the right. The track bears left but leave it on the right at a waymarked gate and stile. The path heads downhill through the centre of a field to cross an unseen footbridge. Continue in the same direction from here keeping a field boundary on the left and aiming straight for Waddington village. A stile in the wall by cottages leads back to the main road. Turn right and left to return to the village centre.

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